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    Jun 12, 2009
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    I went out today to plant some things and I found my 6-year-old drake dead about 20 feet from the house. Somehow the coop door got open and something got him (he was about 20 feet from the coop which is near our house).

    I lost one of his mates to a bobcat about three weeks ago-we found tufts of bobcat fur and duck feathers near the back of the property.

    This time, I have no idea what killed the poor dead. No injuries that I could see besides his back end opened up a bit gone-a few entrails on the ground.

    My back-door neighbor has a few jack Russel terriers that I've caught chasing the heck out of the chickens-could he have done this? My ducks are Cayugas-so about the size of the JRT...

    None of my chickens were harmed and I don't think I heard any ruckus outside last night except a rooster crowing at midnight.
    I'm heartbroken. My one poor Cayuga hen is all alone now and she was just starting to get over the loss of her sister.

    Other than some missing chicks last summer (I'm fighting a rat problem) I've not really had problems with predators because I constantly let my dog wander around our property. Now I want to build Foul Fort Knox. Poor babies!

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