Favorite Hen not acting right. Please help!!!


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Apr 6, 2012
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My favorite girl Jojo hasn't been acting herself since Monday/Tuesday, she could have been sick over the weekend but I wasn't home to see her. I noticed she was laying around the coop Monday but that is not unusual with the birds, it is a very large building and they hang out inside like they would under the trees sometimes. Tuesday at lunchtime I noticed she hadn't gotten off her roost so I brought her inside and gave her a once over. She seemed fairly thin but she has never been a heavy bird. She is a WC Black Polish. I'm not sure if she is a large bantam (she was supposed to be a bantam) or a smallish LF. Her wattles are fairly pale (never have been super red) and they actually went greyish for a bit.

I gave her a bath tuesday night checking her for a stuck egg but didn't feel one. She has barely eaten all week, mostly grapes and meal worms. I've offered her many different things but she isn't interested. I put Wazine in her water yesterday and I also dusted her with Sevin since she seemed a little itchy. She has never been an overly active bird but she is acting quiet even for her.

I don't hear her wheezing, nor do I notice any discharge from her nose. Giving her some antibiotics (I have duramycin) is the last thing I have in by bag of tricks.

Please! Anyone have any ideas? She is my favorite girl and I would be heartbroken if I lost her.
Empty, I can't even feel it. I got her to eat some baby cereal mixed with oatmeal (wet) and a few boss just a bit ago. She seems a little perkier than she did the other day and I'm sure she is totally sick of me fussing with her but she isn't herself and I'm worried.
I don't have any suggestions, sorry! You've done everything I would suggest. Maybe just keep her close and see if she gets through. With my girls, even when they are their sickest they will still eat cherry tomatoes.
Do you know if she is/was laying? How does her poo look? How old is she? Everybody else acting OK?
She was a year old in May and she lays maybe 2 eggs a week give or take. Not sure is she has been laying lately or not, I've got a bunch of new layers so its been hard to figure out what eggs are coming from what girl. Her poo hasn't been normal for her since she has been sick, kind of small, greenish with off white. The flock is 100% free ranged during the day and have the choice between woods and 2 different lawns. (no chemicals used)
Good questions Kelsie. Those are important notes in order for others to help.
You need to keep your chicken's electrolytes up. If she has not eat for a day, Gatorade drops in her mouth would be good right now.
If you do not have Gatorade, use sugar diluted in water.
When my chicken was sick and fussy, she would eat nothing but bits of bread pinched off. You can try that.

Here is an excellent site to help you .
It is a check list for health symptoms.
http://www.durhamhens.co.uk/Hen Health.html

You said pail wattles. according the the link above it could be Anaemia

Symptoms: Pale comb and wattles, often caused by parasites
Treatment: Tonic in water, apply Diatom powder to the hen, clean the coop with Poultry Shield. Nutri-drops can help to revive poorly hens.
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