FCR for Meat Rabbits


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Port Washington, WI
I know this is a meat chicken board but I have been trying to find the FCR for meat rabbits.

I am looking at New Zealand's, Californians or Satins. Does anyone out there have the approximate Food to Meat Conversion rate for about 5lb live weight rabbits?
I have not been having any luck.
I cross NZ with Cal and butcher at 8 to 9 weeks of age. I also run straight NZ and butcher at 7 to 8 weeks. The only feed is that for the doe and the feed for the young between about 3 weeks (after they leave the next box) and 8 weeks. You can figure about 8 to 14 oz. of feed a day for doe and litter (litter size is a factor and I keep food in front of them 24/7). Any weight gain after weening is not a good conversion of feed to meat. The doe will consume about 4 to 5 oz. per day during maintenance and the first week or so after she kindles. These crosses and straights produce a 4 to 5 lbs. rabbits at 7 to 9 weeks (good fryer size). You really can't gain enough weight on feed after weening to justify the cost of feed to weight/meat gain. If you want larger roasting rabbits then you will need to put them on feed until they reach the weight you desire. Someone once told me that in the meat breeds, it takes approx. 4 lbs. of feed to product 1 lbs. of meat. I think this rate would be close. I hope this helps.

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