Fear no more, little chickens!!


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
Nicholasville, Kentucky
This afternoon my DH and I drove to pick up our very first Great Pyrenees puppy, a beautiful little male!

His name is Aslan and he is 8 weeks old, looks like a small bear... very serious, very calm. The lady we bought him from said, "He's never been in a car before; he may whine a lot." But he just snuggled into his blanket in the crate and napped.

He's quiet and observant, not like the usual hyper puppy at all. But very intelligent. I swear, he has only been with us for about eight hours now and I watched him go into his "corner" and tinkle on the puppy pad, no reprimanding or interference needed!

Tomorrow I'm taking him out to see our hens. I'm more worried about our chickens' reaction to the puppy; they're silly little girls and they act like they're deathly afraid of everything.

He's still young but he's packed full of potential and I think once he grows a bit and learns a little, my hens can rest easy for the rest of their lives.

All credit goes to BluegrassSeramas for helping me find him!
My dog had pyreneese pups (she is not pyr) and we are considering keeping one to leave with my babies. They are already in training...7week old chicks in and out of dog pen.
Thank YOU, everyone!

So far, Aslan has been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful little dog. He's been with us only 4 days now and already:

* knows his name and responds to it
* obeys the commands "Sit," "Drop it", "Come", and "Hush"
* immediately sits when instructed before being given any treats
* is beginning to consistently use the Puppy Pee Pads we have for him when he's inside the house
* has gotten very comfortable with our hens (even though they hate him and act like he's there to kill them all!
* is beginning leash training and doing very, very well with it - hardly even pulling at all anymore!


I mean... he is definitely by far the smartest dog I have ever owned and it's not yet been a week. I can't wait to see what our future together holds. I'm absolutely positive that he will be a top notch guardian for my hens, once he matures a little.

Anyway...I'm sorry about the delay in pics... my DH's friend was almost killed in a horrific car accident the day we got Aslan, and we rushed an hour and a half away to pick up his three little children (ages 4, 2, and 10 months) and take them home with us, so his wife could be by his side in case he didn't make it. It has been a very, very busy, stressful few days, but things are looking better now. He's going to be released Sunday night, Monday morning perhaps, and we're giving the children back to their mom tomorrow morning.

But cute puppy pics are on the way, guys. Promise!

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