feather damage in a chick

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    I picked up four chicks a couple weeks ago. The conditions they were in weren't the greatest. One had cocci, one died with no symptoms, one ended up being a roo. Not the greatest luck. My question is about the Silkie. I don't know age. I'm guessing about a month old. She was dirty, smelly and feathers looked rough. What I discovered after a bath was that she must have been picked on. Her wing feathers are all almost gone. There is still the main vein of the feathers but everything else has been pecked off so she has hardly anything to her wings. Any ideas how to help her or what to do? I know they don't regrow but I wasn't sure if as a chick she will get more or not.

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    If the skin broken? If so, clean it and put some anti-biotic ointment on it. The feathers will grow back, just keep her on the chick starter and take good care of her. Make sure none of the others are currently picking on her, if they are I would separate her until she heals.

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