Feather eating

Are they picking feathers off of other chickens to eat them or just eating feathers that are laying or flying around? Two totally different things.

If they are picking feathers off of others to eat them you could have a problem. If that is what is going on tell us some details. How many chicks do you have total, how big of an area are they in when this happens, are they picking spots bare, where are they plucking feathers from on their bodies, is it specific chicks doing the plucking and specific chicks being plucked, as much details as you can think of. You never know what clues can really help.

If they are eating feathers floating around, nothing to worry about at all. That is totally absolutely normal. Some of your chicks may be going through a juvenile molt so there are a lot of feathers floating around. Chicks outgrow their feathers so they go through a couple of juvenile molts to replace them with appropriately sized feathers.

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