Feather footed mystery chick?


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May 19, 2022
Iowa, USA
I got this chick from a local hatchery. Bought 2 variety bundles it could have come from... Brown egg layers or hatchery choice. Hatchery choice does not list breeds. Brown egg layers listed some breeds such as ISA brown, production red, rhode island red, buff orpington, bard rock, saphire gem, amberlink and "more". 🙄 If I remember right, I also selected the "bonus chick" where they throw in a random, choice chick soooo our options are pretty much everything... Its about 12 weeks old in the pictures. It has feathered legs and feet, not heavy feathering but def there. Any ideas? Sorry pics are not great. 20220608_161045.jpg 20220608_161049.jpg 20220608_161053.jpg 20220608_161058.jpg
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