Feather legged (French) Black Copper Marans Eggs (1 dozen)


12 Years
Oct 8, 2007
Griffin, GA
This auction is for one dozen + extras very dark BC Marans eggs. These are Bev Davis line birds. Big healthy birds. The egg in the center is for comparison only.




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Yes, would like to see pics of parents. I bought some Bev davis eggs on Ebay last year. Lots of blacks and one solid red hen and big combs on the hens and falling over. Could just be who I bought from though. You never know with ebay.
Photos are up. They were taken very late in the day when the sun was low so the true color of the birds is hard to see. They are correct BC Marans color with black bodies and red/copper necks. We have 11 hens and 2 roosters in two pens. Our birds are bred for dark egg color and are culled heavily to retain only hens laying very dark eggs. Please let me know if you have any questions.
I like your feeders, are they homemade? If so how did you make them?

Oh and I love your birds. My bator is full and has a waiting list for the next batch !!
The feeders are the old Purina Mills feeders. They are 30+ years old. I love these feeders. They show up every once in a while at some of the local livestock auctions.


The birds came from a gentlemen in FL that collaborates with Bev. All of his birds came directly from Bev. He uses no other lines.
The majority of the eggs are currently a 9 with a few that are an 8. I do get some eggs that are a 7 but they are not included in the auction.

This dozen has been sold. If anyone else is interested I will have another dozen next week. After that my bator will be available again.

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