Feather lenght at 6 weeks can tell between Roo and Pullet?


9 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Dawsonville, GA
I was told that the feather lenght can tell you if you have a roo or pullet at 5/6 weeks. I know about feather sexing for 1=2 day old
chicks, but someone told me that if I spead the wings of my 5/6 week old chicks and if the wings are all equal in lenght, it is a girl. If they are different, they are male. (This is kind of opposite of what it is for day olds) In this picture is my Speckled Sussex I think may be a roo. It the feathers are all suppose to be the same lenght at this age for a pullet, then it may indeed be a roo. Has anyone heard about this? Or is this guy pulling by leg?


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