feather loss


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Three of my hens have lost their feathers on the lower back, just above the tail feathers.
Small area about 2 inches square ?
Anyone seen this before ?
Any ideas on what caused it ?
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Yes, I do have one Rooster...
It just seemed odd that the feather loss is only on three of my hens.
If my Rooster is causing this, I my have to separate him from the hens or have him for supper.

Will the feathers grow back ?
It is starting to get cold here in Virginia and I am concerned about the bald area. (Frostbite)
I am having the same problem most of my girls. Also bare on the bottom too. I have been told they are going thru a molt. They are still laying eggs daily. I thought they didn't lay during this cycle but ours are. They don't seem to be uncomfortable but it is getting colder by the day here. Look forward to someone commenting on how long this will last. Our Roo is bare on the bottom also but he is finally getting longer tail feathers with some color coming in.
Our girls still have feathers underneath and don't seem to be bothered by the loss.
The egg laying has slowed up about 30 % Still have more eggs than we can use...
We get a lot of laughs ourselves from their antics.
Getting ready to try watering nipples in a heated five gallon bucket for the winter.
Hope they catch on quickly.
Good luck with your hens !!!
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I am sorry I should have said that from the get go. We are also in Va. Ours picked up using the nipples rather quickly. Some quicker than others but they all go to town on them now. I still use a hanging waterer just in case there is one that still hasn't got it. I have watched our Roo and where they are loosing feathers is not where his feet are. Sounds crazy I know but I wanted to make sure. We are really lucky he is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Never intended on getting a Roo and when we purchased our ladies he slipped by the sorter. I am so glad because he is a true joy to have around.
Thanks for the info regarding the nipples.
Everything I have read was very positive.
I am so tired of cleaning the waterer and tray every day.
The nipples have got to be better and cleaner.
You are more than welcome. You will love the nipples. We attached ours to pvc pipe and ran it down the wall on the inside of the coop. We will have to insulate it soon but we should have done this from the get go. Put something to catch the water that comes out or the floor will get wet. We are going to put a gutter under the whole pipe to catch the water that flows out. When ours peck the nipples they go at it like there is no tomorrow which causes excess water to come out. We are using the deep litter method and it will cause the litter to get wet. I keep a close eye on it and remove any wet shavings. I was cleaning the coop out every few weeks and working myself to death. Then I researched the proper way to use deep litter and it has helped wonderfully. We also added dried leaves to the run area and that helps when it rains. We were having a major problem with mud but the leaves have worked beautifully. Plus it gives them something to scratch around in and find the corn and other treats that we drop in for them. They get bored really easily so anything we can do to keep them occupied helps. Good luck.
We let our out every evening about two hours before sunset.
They love to hunt bugs and eat grass.
Have a Happy New Year..
It has been a pleasure talking with you.
Best Regards....
Hi! Just wanted to mention that some people put duct tape over the bare spots on their hens backs like a saddle to help the feathers grow back. The tape will eventually fall off because the chickens skin is flakey. Feathers should grown back underneath the tape.

OR - there are these fabulous saddles you can buy (I personally like the brown camo, lol):


You can protect your hen from her rough roo and give her some style!, lol!

Good luck!
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