Feather loss


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5 Years
May 28, 2014
I have a black star chicken which is about a year old now and I have noticed that there is a loss of feathers of under her. Look at the photo. Is there anything to do?
could it be a depluming mite due to the redness and how there is feather loss?
2 of my chickens look exactly like that I I strongly suspect depluming mite. I have been battling mites for the last 6 months. Having finally rid my coop of red mite I still had to deal with northern fowl mite and scaly leg mite on the birds. The final problem I now have is this red bald stomach and bottom on the girls and feather loss around the head which is not due to feather pecking or molting. I am currently trying ivermectin drops on the back of the neck and bathing them with a sulphur and coal tar shampoo for mange/scabies in dogs. They are all really well and laying normally and they don't seem distressed but it does look sore for them. The bathing seems to improve the skin but it does not last long. I'm not sure it is possible to get rid of the depluming mite. They caught all the mites from the wild bird population before I completely covered their garden run I think :(

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