Feather picking cure suggestion.

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    I have a lovely little black, white crested polish and for the last few months her EE "sister" has been plucking the feathers out on the top of her head. I have been putting blue kote on her 2 times a day with no luck. I tried hot sauce, put what was left of her feather in a pony tail to cover the bald spot. I have been searching for something that would stop this. the poor thing is almost totally bald at this point. the worst part is she just sits there and lets the EE do it. I would have culled the EE but they are only 18 weeks old at this point. I have been trying to come up with something else I could put on her head to make it less appetizing. Last week I was mulling it over while brushing my teeth and it hit me that the toothpaste I was using tastes like crap! So I put some baking soda and peroxide toothpaste on the chickens head and it has worked perfectly. She has not been picked at all week! I just wanted to share my cure. hope it helps
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    That's great to hear.
    Feather picking is often either crowding/boredom or a need for more protein.

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