Feather questions with pics


10 Years
Feb 24, 2010
SW Florida
She's a frizzle and her feathers on the underside of her wing are stiff. What is wrong?


Also our little roo has a bare belly. Is it just his adult feathers are coming in and he's lost his baby fuzz? I'm afraid(but actually hoping it's just him and none of my girls) he might be the culprit of the bloody poo I've found the last couple days. He seems fine otherwise. We are quarantining him today to see if it is him.

Not sure what frizzles should look like. Young cockerels are often bare in spots before their adult feathers grow in, so I wouldn't worry about that. But if you see bloody poo--you need to treat for Cocci. I would get some Corid (or if you can't find that, Sulmet) to have on hand, and treat everyone in that pen if there is bloody poo. Keep the water super clean also.

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