Feathered Bowling Balls-roosters or hens?


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10 Years
Jul 31, 2009
Hi, I have 2 black Cochins and have no idea if they are actually hens. I live in a neighborhood so roosters are not allowed. I love my feathered bowling balls and am hoping I don't have to give 1 or both away if they are roosters. Here is a photo of them together.
You didn't state their age, but to me they appear to be at least four months old. They have no feathering characteristics of cockerels (pointy hackle, saddle, and coverlets) and are not exhibiting the enlarged comb of a cockerel.
I am so thrilled. I would have hated to give them away. They are so sweet and I love seeing them run across the lawn. They really look like bowling balls rolling past!

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