Feathered feet in heat


Jun 23, 2022
Hello! I’ve got a pair of cochin chicks. I have read several times about being careful that they don’t get too muddy on their feet. I realize for winter that can mean frostbite but what about summer?
I provide my girls with a shallow dish they can walk into and it helps keep them cool. Of course this also makes their feet and feathers muddy. It’s not terrible by any means and doesn’t cake on and stay muddy after they’re dry. But even if I change the water 1 or 2 times a day am I inviting an abnormal amount of bacteria or other issues?


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I don't own Cochins and I have no idea sorry. As I live in a swampy area my 2 silkies get there leg feathers trimmed to help cool them off, keep mud from getting stuck to there feathers, to stop bacteria from growing and makes lice/mites and leg injurys easier to spot.


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I have 3 silkie and I am considering a frizzle cochin. I keep them in a run but it sometimes gets wet in there not extra muddy but wet. There feet get dirty with poo dead grass and whatever else they find but it dries and falls off the 14th start any problems unfortunately I can't help you with the cold because we live in Florida so I never have to worry about frostbite but after Keith they seem to do pretty good I just provide shade & Frozen melons super hot just like I do for your other chickens

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