1. FlockTalkYT

    How cold is too cold for the coop?

    For those of us who measure temperatures INSIDE the coop, do you have a "goal minimum temp" for the winter? While many factors influence the necessity of heating a coop (range of outdoor temp, size of flock and coop, breed/health/age of bird, coop insulation etc.), it seems that complicated...
  2. C

    Cold weather for pullets

    Hello, So, I got nine baby chicks. They were hatched on Dec. 2. I have a broader set up in my heated garage and they're doing great. My question is about when I can safely move them to the coop. I had chickens for years and then stopped for a few years and now I'm starting again so I do know...
  3. SavvySilkieMom

    Can I keep Silkie Chicks that are almost 2 weeks apart together?

    If you followed my other thread you know I had 2 white bantam silkies 12 days old today. Unfortunately after all my efforts one has passed away leaving my healthy chick very lonely. My breeder said she will replace the chick with some hatchlings she has that are black silkies. My questions is...
  4. Silkielove1944

    Multiple feet of snow.

    I have a flock of chickens, finally adults. However, this is my first time with my flock in winter. We are expecting to have piles of snow. I feel my little flock would freeze without warning. What are your suggestions to keep your chickens all bundled up? They're mainly silkies, so I'm not too...
  5. TheChiggens

    Purpose Of Comb/Wattles?

    This ive been wondering this for a while- So I know roosters have combs/wattles to show of to females. But there must be other reasons. Ive have kinda a guess that it helps realise heat during hot weather. But im not sure. What do you experts know?
  6. AQuailNamedFrancis

    Quail and the snow

    hello everyone! My quail live in the garage during the winter. My garage is insulated but I still get nervous about them lol! (as any father would!). Anyways its currently 26F. Do I need to get them a heat light?
  7. MissMarple

    How to beat the heat?

    I'm in Eastern Arkansas, in the Delta; land of the mosquitoes. We're in the middle of yet another heat wave. How do y'all beat the heat? My teens are outside with a fan, have access to shade, one drinker has electrolytes, the other is just plain water, I continuously change the water and try to...
  8. Alicat4244

    Gotta do what ya gotta do when your hot I guess lol

    She figured out how to cool off and I figured out why their water was getting dirty so quickly !
  9. S

    Heat lamp -yay or nay

    Hi everyone - I get it, you're rolling your eyes and smacking your foreheads, but don't shoot me just yet lol So.. you'd never believe the changes I've made - or you might cause.. flocks of a feather Anyhow - there's now 10 ladies and a bigger coop.. twice- cause you know, the first two builds...
  10. ValerieJ

    chick acting hot, but staying under heat lamp

    Not my first time brooding, but first time to have this happen. A couple times today, I found one little 10 day old chick laying under the heater with her wings out a bit, yawning and even panting a little. Looks like she is hot to me, but then why is she right under the heat? I do have to...
  11. justcallmekinn

    Cooking Bitties T.T

    Ok, so I live in South Western Mississippi. Right now the temp is 95° with a heat index of 100°. I haven't have to use a heating lamp during the day with my 2 week olds except at night and at a distance. There is a constant day temp of 90° in my brooder with a fan turned on them. Today is bad...
  12. M

    Is it ok if my brooder heat light is on the side?

    Its on the side and low to the ground
  13. cluckmecoop7

    How long does it take to lay an egg?

    Hi everyone, One of my chickens, Kiwi, is sitting in the nesting boxes trying to lay an egg....I think. I'm not positive... Well, she's been sitting in there of about 7 to 10 minutes. When I peek in, she seems to be trying to lay an egg. How can I be sure? Also, it's about 85 degrees right...
  14. analyticalblonde

    Keeping the Girls Cool in 90s & 100s temperature...?

    Hi All, I have 10 young girls (2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Lavendar Orpingtons, 2 Ameraucanas, 2 Barred Rock Plymouths, and 2 New Hampshire Reds) which I selected because of their Heat/Cold tolerances and their gentleness and who are supposed to start laying in the next couples of weeks. I go out...
  15. imneva

    Are you freezing water containers for your chickens or am I alone in this

    So I have been filling empty jugs and 2 liters for the up coming high heat coming the next couple of days. I do not have electricity in my coop. Too far from the house. So I figure ice packs the size of milk jugs should do nicely.
  16. 3cousinsfarm

    Lost my chicken?

    My chicken, Eugene , just died for no apparent reason. I'm not even sure if Eugene was a pullet or a roo. Think he was a roo because he and my other roo were starting to chest bump. Barred rock about 4 months old. Anyway, just yesterday I found him lethargic in the barn. I assumed heat, so I...
  17. AQuailNamedFrancis

    Button Quail Heat Lamp

    Howdy everyone, I got my heat lamp on for my buttons and they are about 4 weeks old. They all are doing good, but they just seem so hot. I have been slowly moving the light up to lower the temp every week but since Its super hot where I live and my house tends to heat up very fast - The...
  18. Aunt Angus

    Quick question re: pale comb

    Hi. My BO has a pale comb. She's acting/eating/drinking/pooping completely fine. It's mid 90s here. Could this be heat related?
  19. JuneJ58732

    Rooster acting strange and has green poop

    Hello, my rooster hasn't been himself lately. I've been keeping an eye on him, but I'm worried I haven't taken this as seriously as I should have. Symptoms: He seems to be a bit lethargic: He isn't crowing nearly as much as he used to. He seems "down". Green poop: I've noticed in his...
  20. sofiagrace901

    Yummy Summer Snacks

    Hello everyone! I spoil my chickens a lot.. especially in the summer. Tennessee gets hot and humid! I thought it would be nice to share some of the snacks I feed my hens in the summer. 1. Frozen Coconut Oil Cubes: For these I simply mix oats and coconut oil (you can put some banana in there...
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