Feathered Feet????


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Oct 28, 2009
Weatherford, TX
Just received a new batch of chicks from McMurrays. The included one surprise exotic. Its yellow and has yellow down on its feet and legs..

Help me identify

thanks in advance
If you can't post pics, we need more information. What kind of comb does it have? Does it have extra toes? Does it have beard/muffs and/or crest? It could be a Cochin, a Brahma, a Faverolle, a Silkie, a Sultan, or a D'Uccle (I think that covers the feather legged breeds carried by McMurray).
i got a pair of white chicks with the feathered feet ,,, single comb five toes ... the are no where near white now lol .. mine r 4 weeks old now .. i have nooo cluewhat mine r eigther (mcmurrays all random assortment )
when they arived .. both looked the same .. both are very different now .. =/ and deff not going to be white at all lol ..
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