Feathers and egg laying

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  1. I have 18 hens that are 1 year old. I had been getting 15 eggs average. now I'm getting 1 egg a day. the hens are missing the feathers on their back (rough roosters) and I started feeding them pea and barley fodder. they've started growing new feathers on their bare backs now since I fed the fodder. is the reduced laying just the feathers growing back.
    Please any advice is appreciated.
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    Its called moulting. A hen will do this this once a year and virtually stop laying in order to use the nutrients in their diet for feather growth instead of egg-laying. Its basically shedding feathers because everything goes into the eggs and not feather health. Also they do this because its a break from laying and gives their body a break. It sounds like they are in the end part of the moult and will be back to laying in no time :) hope this helps.
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