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Discussion in 'Quail' started by chefchick, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Jun 2, 2011
    I am raising A&M and Jumbo Brown quail. Theyare approx 10 weeks old. They are separated by breed in outside pens similar to rabbit hutches with and indoor space with hay and outdoor space that is hardware cloth. For the past few days have noticed feathers all over the place in the pens and underneath. Today when I was feeding one of the browns flew out and when I picked him up a bunch of feathers came out. there are no injuries that I can see. No signs of predators or fighting since I split them up 2 weeks ago. They have stopped laying for about the past four days and I do not hear thecrowing or notice any breesing, but I am not there for more than 20 minutes in the am and again at night.. Could they be molting already? Or would it be something else? we do not have gamebird feed available here. they get layer crumbles and I grind up purina kitten chow and mix in for added protein. Could that be messing them up? they guy at agway told hubby to just feed them what the chickens eat, but I know that's wrong. poop looks normal and they eat and drink ALOT

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    It's molting season! The shortening of the days, the cool fall nights triggers molting. First year quail also go thru several molts their first year. Egg laying will stop during the winter season. It is best to let them rest from laying, but if you wish to continue to get eggs, you will need to add extra light and heat to keep the eggs coming.
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    Thanks! I am not so concerned about eggs until spring breeding. I still need to get rid of the excess males. Without them crowing and breeding, I can't tell if the Am's are boys or girls...might just eat all of them and have the browns anyway. That will give me an extra coop...which means room for more babies in the spring!
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    Yeah Texas AM have to be vent sexed. Or you have to watch the ones that do the crow lol

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