heres what to look for on a male

cockerels the hackle and saddle feathers will be long slinder and pointed while a hens hackle is sorta fat and rounded and to me blend in more uniformly to the rest of her feathers
Yes. I want to see a pic of the different shape of a boy and a girl feather. I have been trying to find it on the internet but, I haven't had any luck.

As they are feathering out do the boys get hackle type feathers as soon as they start getting feathers? Can you tell the difference in the girl and boy feathers around the neck at 3 months if you compare them closely or do those feathers not start coming in at all until a little older? People just always say boys feathers are pointed and girls are round. I just kind of wanted to see the difference.

When the males get their big boy feathers varies greatly between different breeds. Some birds can be sexed as soon as hatched and others not until they crow or lay. If you can post pictures of the bird(s) is question, you will get many responses here.
these are oegb they are around 3-4 months in these pics

this was the hen (she got killed by my dog

this is cockerel as you can see his hackles and saddles are both coming in

you do have to remember that each breed and indivdule chicken is different. you might be able to tell their gender by the size of their combs and wattles at 3 months old

if you want i can try and get some pics of the feathers up close on older chickens though
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Well the birds I am trying to sex are EEs. I was just wondering if I could tell something by comparing feathers. I can't really look for a certain color pattern like you can for a a faverolle or something like that. Of course every EE looks different. I have posted pics of them a couple of days ago. The one that is mainly in question I got about a 50/ 50 response on whether it was a boy or girl. Anyway I will see if I can find that post and I will post the link to it.

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