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  1. wingnut1

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    Hiya! [​IMG]

    Fabulous place! [​IMG]

    Wish list requests for your consideration -

    1) I appreciate the ability to "delete multiple" PMs, and I am wondering if the future might might hold the ability to delete multiple uploaded images?

    2) I admit it - I like to play with the animated gifs!! [​IMG] Finding a file can be tough, despite a carefully *cough* planned file naming scheme.

    Might the future hold the ability to make subdirectories for uploaded files? I want to separate avatars from animated gifs, and even within animated gifs, I'd like to be able to organize them according to mood, say (e.g., happy, sad, mad..).

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!! We at BYC appreciate all that you continue to do to make this a great place!!! [​IMG]
  2. Nifty-Chicken

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    Very good feedback, thanks! As always, we can't make promises to if/when we'll make the changes, but we do add them to the list!

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