Feb 18,2009..is it a full moon? My Critters... honestly!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by spook, Feb 18, 2009.

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    My mind is going to pop. I just need to let go of some- well, I don't know what I'd call it. My Mom fell 10 days ago, outside and her knee and leg did not reduce its swelling, I harped at her enough so we ended up going to the ER on a Sunday, no less and they x-rayed, no broken bones, Ultra Sound, no clots- great . Well, it ended up being cellulitis, poor mom but there is hope. Today some of the redness was coming back, her leg got better to a degree and then it just didn't get better. Off to the doctors for another antibiotic. (Stony Fields plain Yogurt & fresh berries- thrush! Ew)
    Then, I swear my animals are going nuts. Teddy and Fancy, they have been together now for 3 years, he is 13, she is 4 just this month. Well, we have had a cat fight every day! This morning at 5am beside my side of the bed! [​IMG] I didn't want to wake up yet! [​IMG]
    Also DH is not here on weekdays, work 2 hours away, darned schedule change- I'm grateful he has a job.
    This morning...had to find a way to secure bantams to keep layers away from them. Sweetie(standard) had a nutty with poor lil Lucy(Bantam Cochin). She had her by the neck feathers and shaking her like - you wouldn't believe it! Scooter was Jumping on Sweetie (not so sweet), then the other small girls ran to help Lucy and then the other layers.........well, it looked like a gang fight! Holy cow, I was waiting for a chick-a-dee to drop down and Taser one of the flocks! [​IMG]
    Needless to say, I'm awfully glad I was close. [​IMG]

    How do you incorporate Bantams and Ameracuana's together in a 14x30 foot pen? Or 2 cats in the same house?

    So snow is on the way, covering items and taking care of the tractor, fuel, dry gas and a new bungee cord on the tire chain. Laundry, trip to the dump, recycled and all that, fire is going in furnace, wood available, water saved-just in case!

    Not today, but next is to finish the pen for the Turkeys (God bless DH, he is the best! [​IMG] )... I dunno, not sure about the pen issues. Next we will have drive by egging.

    Brats! Please share one of your days that seems to never end!!!
    Oh and thank you for reading.
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    oh dear..... [​IMG] ....
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    Oh spook! [​IMG] I'm sorry your week has been so crazy. Here's to hoping it'll get better soon! [​IMG]
  4. spook

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    Thanks guys, and it has only continued! LOL, I'm glad I have a nice soft bed, warm cat and a latch on the doors to the bedroom, and a sense of humor!
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    Sorry about your troubles.

    We all have them, you are just getting a bunch all at once hang in there... and BTW..

    Farmers Almanac says the next full moon will be March 10th... it will be called the Full Worm Moon. I have no idea why. Full Worm?
  6. spook

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    Worm moon- I just heard something about that recently! Hmm.
    Yes, we all go through our days when nothing is wrong, but just challenging dealing with it. In a week, it will be something else.
    My brother just called and his blood work is not looking that good and they hope that its all the stress he has been over. I hope so too, I feel so fortunate in my struggles and I get reminded of that just by looking in my own family. Makes me sound like I'm just complaining!
    We have chosen to not let my Mom know until the next blood work in a month, then we will know more. He has HIV/AIDS, the interesting thing about it is that he has never used drugs, blood trans, not in medical feild, never even thought about the "alternate" lifestyle. His ex wives are negative, Kids, extended family are all negative. We feel it was work related, a couple guys that worked along side of him in a mill have passed away, causes unknown.
    So sometimes, I do feel fortunate that my life really has its trivial trials!
    Thanks for your support guys.

    Full Moon Names and Their Meanings :: Farmers' AlmanacFull Worm - March Moon As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins. ...

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