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    Jul 31, 2009
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    Hey all I had two quickies. At least what I think are quickies [​IMG]

    First is, we have a bag of layer crumbles that is a good few months old now, been open the whole time. We bought it instead of grower because we're geniuses like that.[​IMG] Anyway, it's never been wet, it's got no mold in it, no bugs or crawlies, is it ok to feed my chickens? They'll be ready to make the grower-to-layer switch in a few weeks time. I've read about old feed being bad or stale but I don't see any symptoms of that yet.

    My second question is about grit size. Our chickens don't get much free range time currently. Our oldest girl is 13 weeks, and the rest are either approaching 10 or 6 weeks. I've been using parakeet grit this whole time, when wold they be too old for that and need something bigger?

    Thanks all
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    Sep 19, 2008
    The feed is fine, and you can switch to regular grit now instead of parakeet as well! [​IMG]

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