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Well they're 5 wks. old now and will be move to the coop this week. When should I switch over to non-medicated grower feed? An idea I had was to either make a blend of the two, or fill the the feeder starting with the starter feed half way and then add the grower feed on top. It would probably take 6 chicks a week or to to get to the starter feed on top. Any thoughts on this?
I switched mine over after about two weeks of medicated. I didn't wean them off or anything either. There's nothing different about the medicated and grower other than the medication, so its not like their systems have to get used to something new.

I really don't think it makes too much difference, but I'm just a newbie and I'm sure others will disagree with such a relaxed attitude.
I always switch gradually. I just think it's polite.
(But I don't have a problem with others doing it some other way if it works for them).

At about two weeks, I add a handful (or scoopful or whatever) of grower into about five handfuls starter and mix it up in a separate bucket. Then I pour it in the feed trough and continue with that ratio for a few days or a week. Then I replace a handful of starter with grower for the next few days and so on until it's all grower.

My ducks *do* seem to notice a difference. The grower/finisher has a lower protein content and I'm sure it tastes different to them. The older ducks will gleefully clean up starter crumble when I spill it--I think they like it better.

But you can just switch them over suddenly. I've done it when I've run out of starter unexpectedly. It's not that big a deal--they protest for a day or two, and then go back to normal.
Mine transitioned from starter to grower at about 7 weeks. I had planned to transition them slowly by mixing, but got called away on a business trip. It was my wife's first time of responsibility for feeding them. When the starter feed was gone, she opened the grower and gave that to them.

There were no ill effects. I don't believe their food consumption even changed one iota. Do what you think best, but i wouldn't worry about it.
I have been using brand name Home Grown chick starter/grower. does that mean i don't need to transition until its time for layer? the chicks are about 6-7 wks old.
My feed vendor recommended starter to six weeks, all-purpose (consider it grower) to point of lay, and layer after that. What does your feed vendor recommend?

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