Feed cost per year? bantam vs. standard


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Dec 22, 2011
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I am going to be buying some chickens and can't decide between standard or bantam. I am looking into phoenix and barred rocks and was wondering if anyone had an annual feed cost for say 20 bantams vs. 20 standard? I know that bantams will be less but I just want to see if it will be enough to cover the price difference for the original start up price. Thanks for your info!!!

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xD Wrong topic or not - I'm not sure about the exact prices but my bantams hardly eat any food at all, but forage a lot more. Are yours free-range? That makes quite a difference
Oh and if you want eggs and lots of poo get the standards and if you want sweet little fluff-balls which you can gaze at for hours get the bantams
When they do lay, too, their eggs are much nicer but tiny xD I have three of both, and the little ones have so much more bounce and personality. For me, they're definitely worth the extra money!

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