Feed for 7 week old pullets.


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May 24, 2012
Rockland Ontario
Can I feed my 7 wk old pullets the Grower/Finisher feed that says for broilers/roasters on the bag?

I have 2 Rhode Island, 2 Barred Rock and 2 Colombian Rock that will eventually be layers. I know once they start laying I will start them on layer food.

They are on the chick Starter/feeder right now and the bag says until the end of 6 weeks. Is this what I switch them to now?


Tks in advance
If it says it's for broilers and roasters, it's probably designed to put a lot of weight on the bird, very fast. I use Purina Flock Raiser for anything that's not at laying age. They do very well on it, and it's designed for everything else... ducks, geese, chickens... all of those that are supposed to grow at a normal rate.

If that's all you have, though, it would probably be ok to mix it with a flock raiser type food to use it up.
The lady at Loganberry Heritage Farm in Cleveland, GA, told me to use grower feed until ready to switch to layer feed. I'm feeding them organically with Countryside, as they do at LHF, and Countryside doesn't make anything else for this age. She said it's what they give their hens after starter and before layer feed.
I think it will be ok cause it has 16% protein and I have read somewhere that for layer pullets protein should be between 14-16%. My store does nor carry anything else so I will try this and keep an eye on them so they don't get fat. I don't know if this helps but they have access to the run all day long and are eating grass etc.

I don't think the grower/finisher will hurt them right? I'm a newbie and I've been relying on this forum from day one. It's incredible all I've learn here. Thanks for all your help.
If you really read the Flock Raiser bag, it says for growing out broilers, too, not layers. Check that out on your bag.

There is such a thing as pullet grower-Buckeye makes one that is 15% protein to slow down sexual maturity so they don't come into lay too soon, but I can't get it. If I could, I would. I have to use starter/grower up until laying age or until they go into the coops with the adults around 15 weeks of age, whereupon they eat layer with the rest of the gang.

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