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    Ok, so I have been trying to figure out a plan for feeding my new chicks. I raised my chickens last year on medicated feed for the first 3 months and then had to switch to flock raiser. They seem to be fine (we lost 1, but we don't know what happened but she was already laying like a champ). So, in my excitement, I bought a 25 lb bag of medicated feed. I am getting bantams, polish, and orphingtons. I have been reading that the medicated feed may be too concentrated for the bantams? Ahhhh! My new plan is to do a 50-50 mix of what I have and either non-medicated or flock raiser? Any suggestions? Once the medicated is gone I'm done with it and will switch to whatever else I get. Thanks to anyone who replys!
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    The feed you bought is fine for your bantams. I raise my bantams right alongside my standard chicks, everybody eats the same food. I've never heard of any chick starter being to concentrated for bantams. If it's the coccidiostat you are talking about... it is in the feed in very low levels anyway. Your chicks will be fine.

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