Feed for chicks?

Not sure..maybe someone else can chime in ...but I don't think you want to feed them medicated unless they are starting to look sick I have the same brand that's non medicated and I've had great luck with it!
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Medicated feed doesn't actually contain medicine. It has an add ingredient that will block coccidia from developing in your chicks stomachs. It allows your chicks to gradually build up resistance. If you choose to feed unmedicated, be sure to have Corrid on hand. And be prepared to lose a few to coccidia.
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Thank you! And I was told to also have wet food available since they are young. I have wet,dry,and water for them also shelters and a heat lamp. I am raising them mostly inside since I have 2 feral rosters that roam. I take them on walks outside (they follow me) and I bring them out in the living room and they nibble on stuff they find in the rug. Any tips for a first time chick owner?
No need for wet food once they know where the water is. Raise the lamp a little bit every couple of days instead of once a week. It will help you chicks adjust to life without a heat lamp quicker. If they start huddling together in a tight group, lower the lamp a bit. By 4 weeks, you can leave them in a secure run on warm days. By 6 weeks they should be able to handle being outside all night.
You don't need wet food, but I love my Fermented Feed. It is wet (like oatmeal) so no waste, plus has probiotics, easily digested, less stinky poop, and can be made from your regular feed. I use a grower feed for my whole flock, so making FF chicks can eat it from day one.
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