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May 14, 2015
Hello! I've got some questions about feeding our 53 red ranger chicks, currently 8 days old. They are currently eating MannaPro organic chick starter. My plan is to ferment feed, beginning with the chick starter, when I'm comfortable that I've got it right (so hopefully soon). Chicks are currently indoors, but will need to be moved outdoors to their coop soon (within a week hopefully). Our bigger goal is to pasture these guys. On to my questions....

1) can i make an organic/non-gmo chick starter with ingredients from a mill/coop? Recipes without soy?

2) any good online sources of organic/non-gmo chick starter *for a good price* which does not contain soy?

3) when should I begin a (fermented) grain feed in addition to the starter- what age? At what age can I stop feeding starter and just feed feed?

4) a soy-free recipe organic/non-gmo feed for meat birds on pasture,too?

5) how long should i leave them on free feed, or always since they are going to be pasturing? When can i stop offering feed throughout the night (its harder to clean the coop than the wading pool in my living room, i am eager to keep them outside in the daytime and only feed them outside, too)?

Thanks much in advance for all the advice! We're new to this and appreciate the help!

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