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  1. I am just going to reflect on the past 5 years. I am a new member here for just about a month and those of you who see my ugly mug in the threads here of me saying I have over 100 birds, just hens alone. Not counting my wild turkeys, geese and ducks. I know there are more of you out there with as many if not more...

    5 Years ago Feed Prices, as I am going through my receipts I save

    2008 2013

    lay mash $17.00 per 40 kg bag lay mash $ 27.90
    lay pellets $ 16.49 per 40 kg bag lay pellets $26.56
    grower mash $16.59 per 40 kg bag grower mash $27.60
    grower pellets $16.09 per 40 kg bag grower pellets $26.00
    cracked corn $11.00 per 40 kg bag cracked corn $26.00

    I am from Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia and I just cringe at the way feed prices are continuously climbing every year. The biggest reason being the alternative fuels they are now making, the grain prices are really getting outrageous. Many people I know have downgraded their flocks just to afford to feed them. Getting nastier by the year.

    I am I guess whining about the dramatic increases. I always wonder how it is for the rest of you with lots of birds and how the prices of feeds are your way? I have considered buying by the ton but I do everything possible to avoid rats and feed spoiling so I regularly make my weekly feed trip to town . When all is said and done my receipts read anywhere from $120.00 per week up to $150.00 a week if I include my sweet oats as a filler...

    Pretty rough going at times. We must be dedicated people to continue dealing with the prices as they increase... LOL
    With such a diversity of people here from absolutely all over, I am curious what different regions and States pay for their feeds? Steve

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    Wow, a 40kg bag - I can't even imagine. Here most of our bags are either 40lb or 50lb and for a petite woman like me, hauling a 50lb bag onto my shoulder and down to my coop is something of an ordeal....wow

    I too have noticed the dramatic increase in feed prices. I've pared my flock down to just under 50 birds but even so DH suggested recently it might be time to start buying in bulk. I gave him the same reasons you mentioned why buying by the bag works better for me - right now. I have storage in metal cans to keep rodents out and only have storage for about 250lb so buying in bulk wouldn't work unless I change up a lot of other things first.
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    For my case, I feed them wheat from grain mill, which is around $7.00 - $8.00 per bushel plus grass clipping, and kitchen scrap. For grass clipping, I add water to keep it green longer and chickens tend to eat all instead of scratching. And my chickens are healthy, and lay normally.

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