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    It's easy to brag about a Cornish Rock growing larger, faster - but how much more (or less) feed do they use to get that size? And turkeys eat a whole lot more, but it's safe to say that you get more meat. So my question to everyone out there is, what do you have and how much feed does it take to make a pound of (live or processed) bird? The feed to flesh conversion is something I never see anyone really bring up (but I could have overlooked it). Normally people want to know how large X or Y grows, how good they taste, and how fast they will get to the table. But not the feed costs to get there. I'd love to hear how a Barred Rock or Delaware compares to a Cornish-Rock, and how a duck compares to a turkey.

    Here's a list of birds I am curious about (feel free to add to the list if I missed anything). Try to post live/dead weight, breed, and age:

    Heritage Chicken
    Bantam Chicken

    Pekin Ducks
    Other Ducks

    Embden Geese
    Toulouse Geese
    Other Geese

    BB White Turkeys
    BB Bronze Turkeys
    Other Turkeys

    Ringneck Pheasants
    Jumbo Ringneck Pheasants
    Other Pheasants

    Coturnix Quail
    Other Quail

    French/Jumbo/Giant Guineas

    Other Partridge

    Squabbing Pigeon
    Other Pigeon (ornamental, etc)

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