Feed - medicated or no, and how long?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ssledoux, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Mar 14, 2007
    I started my chicks on medicated starter. I got them from Murray McMurray last Monday, gave them the gooey stuff on their feed the first day (the gel), have added the electrolytes in the water daily, etc. I have a little medicated feed left, and a bag of natural feed that has no meds (the feed store gave me this instead of medicated).

    I'd actually prefer to get them OFF the medicated, but don't want to lose any to coccidia.

    How big of an issue is that? How long would you do medicated feed? Is there anything I can treat them for cocci with if I do drop the med. feed and they get cocci? Experiences??

    Also, one final question - when do you start putting your chicks on the ground and letting them nibble grass? I have put mine out in the sunshine the last couple of days (it's around 80 here) and they have loved nibbling the grass and picking at stuff. Is this okay to do?
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    Medicated feed contains low dose amprolium. It is to help the chicks build up a resistance to cocci. In some cases though, they still get it. If you don't have any other chickens on your property, you will probably be OK without medicated feed.

    Yes, there are several medications to treat cocci. Cocci is especially bad in baby chicks and they can go down hill fast. Signs to look for are blood in the poop and watery poo. Some good cocci medications are Corid (amprolium in a higher dose) and Albon.

    You don't want the chicks to eat too much grass and get an impacted crop. If the day is nice, let them out for 15 minutes or so then increase it as they get older. If they don't peck around in the dirt, you need to have some chick grit available. Your starter feed has grit in it, but not enough for supplemental food or treats.

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