feed question... different aged flock, layer feed and/or start and grow?

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    Hi all, have a question. I have a flock of 5 chickens, 4 are 17 weeks old, the other is about 21 weeks old. My oldest hen started laying this week so today I am going to head out and buy layer feed. before this, all of the chickens were on Purina organic start and grow feed. I still have a 20 pound bag of the feed.

    my question is how to feed these girls now. My layer needs layer feed, my hens that aren't laying technically need start and grow still. Do I mix the two together? I have two PVC feeders in my coop, should I fill 1 with layer and the other with start and grow and they'll figure out which they should eat? just looking for suggestions. I think i might be able to get away with just switching to all layer feed but I don't want to waste the start and grow that I still have an unopened bag of, and ive had it for 3-4 weeks so the feed store wont take it back. Thanks in Advance!

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    You could keep them on the grower feed and just provide a side of crushed oyster shell grit or some other calcium grit. This would be suffice for the calcium needs of the hen laying. I currently have three older (when i say older i mean older than my little one. They are only 10 months old) laying hens and 2 pullets and a cockerel of the age 15 weeks. They are all on pullet grower feed with a side of calcium grit. They older hens eat it as they need and the little ones pick at it here and there but nothing to harm them! Hope this helps [​IMG]
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