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    Mar 23, 2017
    So we have 3 laying hens and we are just in the process of introducing 3 chicks to the flock. Right now our hens are eating layers feed and the chicks are on starter feed. The feed store said we should be going to growers feed next, but what do I do when they are in the same coop together? It is impossible to separate them so they don't eat each other's food. Will layers feed hurt the chicks? The chicks are 7 weeks.

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    You can use grower on the whole flock, just supplement oyster shell for the layers. You don't want to feed layer feed to the chicks, at least I wouldn't, it's too much calcium and could give them growth issues and more. You can also use flock raiser, the stuff I use is 20%, good for everyone, including ducks and chicks.
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    Layer feed can be fatal to young birds. The high calcium content makes it suitable for actively laying birds only. Just about every other feed is safe for all ages and stages.

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