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Mar 6, 2017
Fulton County, PA
Hi all!
So I just read that only laying hens should get layer feed because the calcium in it will harm non-layers. So how do I keep my rooster from eating it when I use a feed dispenser in the coop? Should I use a different feed that they can all eat and just hope the hens eat enough calcium chips? I would like to start fermenting feed, but I don't want to do two batches of different feed and have to feed them separate. These birds free-range in a quarter acre backyard, 2 hens 1 roo.

Feed an all flock, or a non medicated grower or something similar. Keep a bowl of oyster shells free choice. My roosters are living longer without all the calcium.
Either a starter, grower or a combination will work fine. My bantam flock get a starter grower year round. Just make sure it isn't medicated.
Thanks to you all. I have some starter feed, I will switch feed tomorrow. They have access to a dish of oyster shell, and I also whirl the eggshells in the food processor to give them.

I really want to try fermenting feed. Any suggestions for how much to start for 3 birds?
Can you tell I'm new at this?:D
Put a cup of feed and a cup of water in a mason jar and wait a couple of days. That will be enough for a few chicks to start with. See how much they eat and make more as needed. I just add more equal amounts of feed and water.
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