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    Does anyone know what to feed meat birds (4 weeks)old...Meaning i can get most of the grain from a farmer who sells mix grain ect. I was kinda hoping to mix my own instead of commerical feed. But i also want to make sure they are getting all they need .
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    one of my self-sufficiency books have several recommendations, but I must confess to not using it. I also use grains I get really cheap from the grain elevators. I like to give my birds a combination of several grains. They ignore the milo, so I won't get it until I get my guineas.....I'm not sure if what they call milo is really millet....dat has been a question for me for a while. I pasture to keep my feed bill down and have some happy chickens and use whatever grains I can put together. I bought 700LBs of grain on 1-8-10, for 56 dollars, and I only have grain enough for about 3 or 4 days, so I think I'm going for a ride today. I find that getting the grain like that is much more cost effective than getting a mix. Even if I could get my birds ready for slaughter, faster with a mix from the feed store, I couldn't justify it to my checkbook. I once tried putting soybean in my mix, but they just ignored that. I don't think I could use some of the grains, unless I would grind everything together and figure out how to create my own pellets.
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    Here is a site for making feed. It has more info than most people want to know.
    The first recipe listed is fertrells(a feed/suppliment company). the rest are eather old or mixes that have been formulated by people.
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