Feed store chicks, what to look for?


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Feb 21, 2010
Pilot Hill, CA
When I got my first chickens, they were already 4 weeks old (thanks Warden!). They were/are the picture of health, and I wasn't worried about them at all. One feed store by me is getting chickens next week and I'd like to get a few more. When I go, what do I look for as far as healthy chicks? I assume they will be 1 day old. The other feed store has 2 week old chicks. Is it easier to tell if they are healthy if they are older? They get hardier right?

If it is running around, acting like a crazy chicken, it is probably ok. Anything slow or that looks "cold" is not what you want. In fact, if it looks like there are sick chicks in there with healthy ones, walk away empty-handed.
I told the feed store clerk which chicks I wanted in each bin, and after I pointed out the second one, he said, "You're smart - you're getting last week's order. So many people only want the fuzziest, newest chicks. I don't know why they don't do what you do, and get older chicks. They're the hardiest."


I choose those exactly for the reason the poster above mentioned: generally past the "failure to thrive" stage.
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