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Hello chicken lovers! I have a question, I own a beautiful small flock of buff orpingtons, who are in the process of not laying as much as they used to, we love our eggs, and thought lets go to the feed store and buy eggs, but the yolk was yellow! Does this suggest factory eggs, such as those used in those farms that raise unhealthy chickens? I guess my question is since all I have ever owned is Buffs and Plymouth rocks, is it possible for a farm fresh egg to be bright yellow? I do not want to eat, or solicit buying eggs there if that is true, but I don't want to be wrong about the feed store either.

Thanks everyone!
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Ha I meant raise unhealthy chickens! Many thanks
Most of my free range birds have very yellow yolks, and some feed you can buy or supplements have Marigold petals in them which also can change the color. I don't use these, but the more vegetation and bugs they get the prettier the yolks. So I think you are fine.

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