Feed / water - In or out of the hen house?

Bs Peeps

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Jun 11, 2014
Is it necessary / better / ill-advised to maintain access to feed and water inside the hen house as opposed to in the run?
I am in construction phase of my coop (see Wichita Cabin - same design) and was planning on keeping all feed and water in the run, which is part of the whole structure. Some folks have feed and water in the house, some not.
It really depends on preference, weather, how big the house/cage/run is, if they are free range etc. Bar broody hens/ chicks I don't keep water in the house, I use shavings so the water would be quickly mucked up and tipped over ruining the bedding. Mine have free range of the front lawn/ fenced area so they don't spend much time in the coop/ attached run. In winter I put food in the house on miserable days and the water is only a foot outside the door ( protected year round by poly carb roofing) but otherwise food is in the attached run, and water, and outside the run in various places is 2 other water bowls. Personally I would just have the water outside as its easier, but if they are shut into the house each night till late morning then water inside would be a must

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