feed + water location for tractor?

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    The new tractor should be ready for occupancy tomorrow, woohoo, and I am wondering what the best arrangement is for feed and water.

    Because we live in Predator City, the chickens will be locked into the "shelter" part of the tractor (basically a 2.5x4' plywood box) from about 7:00 every evening til 8:00 or so the next morning. (Even though I *have* taken everyone's advice and used 1x1" mesh rather than anything larger).

    So where should their feeder(s) and waterer(s) be? I would rather the chickens spend their time in the outdoor "pen" part of the tractor as much as possible during the day, rather than making an indoor mess, but I don't want them going hungry or thirsty at night. I also don't want to have to move feeders and waterers in and out every day - I'm doing that now, and it's annoying!

    I am currently thinking of throwing in the towel and having a duplicate set of food and water, in AND out. Although it seems like overkill for just three chickens [​IMG]

    So IS that the way to go, or what?


    Pat and three fairly spoiled chickens
  2. silkiechicken

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    I wouldn't leave the locked up in the shelter part of the tractor with food and water if it is only 4x2.5. They'll probably knock things over and make a mess. If you have a secure welded wire tractor, I think you don't have to lock them in and can put the feed outside. Either way, you'll want to keep the feeders off the ground since it will atract mice and rats.
  3. LindaN

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    Jul 28, 2007
    I'm new to keeping chickens (I've had mine all of 3 days now!) but I wouldn't recommend leaving food and water inside the shelter either. Yes, it is kind of a pain setting out the feeder every day (you should try this with an Eglu!) but food can always attract pests and possibly predators, too. I put the feeder away in a secure, rodent-proof place every night when I shut the chickens up. It seems that the "girls" always finish up whatever treats I give them (today it is the stems of swiss chard), so there is nothing edible left in the coop or run at night. I figure leaving food out may attract a rat, oppossum, or racoon to visit and start trouble.

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