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    Apr 18, 2009
    I have 24 chickens, 12 Isa Browns, 12 Grey Leghorns. They are 5 months old most have started laying. How much feed should each chicken get daily? They act as if they never get feed. I give them a heaping plastic coffee can (the big one) every day. 50lbs of food lasts about 2 weeks. Is this enough, they all look/act healthy. [​IMG]
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    Quote:We had a very similar discussion about this on the Washingtonian thread last year. We came to the conclusion that a flock of 25 would eat a 50 bag of layena each week + some treats. Less if they free ranged. I think most people just leave out the feed 24/7. Your best bet is to observe them. If the look/act good.

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    Each of my flocks is about 20 - 25 birds adult heavy breeds (not free range) and I go through 50 lbs about every 10-12 days each. Imp is right just watch them and make changes as needed. They will eat less when its really hot and more when its cold. If they look and act right then you are doing what you need to. The more scraps/treats you give the less feed they will consume.

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