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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have some 11 week old pekins that are on a mix of 15% chicken feed & cracked corn.
    but at my local feed store the owner old man fox some times dosent get the chicken feed. will it be ok if I just give them the corn? [​IMG]
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    At best, corn is okay for extra calories in winter, but lacks many nutrients the ducks need for good health. Yes, they often can survive on it, but I am told they can be more prone to illness. Variety certainly is helpful when it comes to healthy diet for animals.

    I have used Blue Seal and Nutrena grower/maintenance rations as well as some poultry layer mash. They need a balanced ration and some variety.

    There is an online article about raising your own poultry feed that's worth a look. It covers some good material about how to feed fowl a healthy diet. ("Grow Your Own Poultry Feed")

    Many of us also provide some vitamins and electrolytes from time to time for a boost.

    Carol Deppe's book, The Resilient Gardener, has information on what she feeds her ducks, and I found that helpful, also.
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    corn is not good for them in the heat, if you can even give them layer pellets or non medicated chick starter, gamebird feed, something like that, I take scratch grain and corn off my feeding list during the hotter months, I only feed it in the cooler weather. It can cause over heating and heat stroke in birds from what I have read. If you are looking for a summer filler, try wild bird seed they love that, also to keep them cool thawed frozen peas are a GREAT option, it is like crack for ducks lol. They enjoy many green veggies like lettuce and cabbage, not spinach though it has a chemical in it that is bad for them. I would try to ask the man at the feed store to order you a bag of feed however often you need it or if you have a tractor supply near you, you can get it fairly priced there. I would lay off the corn if the weather in your area is over 80 degrees though. Hope that helps, have fun with your pekins!

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