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    Ok now I know this is going to get a couple laughs and some jabbing of the elbow in the ribs....I can take a good joke....But my question is....I have conceded that one of my hen's isn't a hen but a rooster....I feed my hens layer mash....Right now the rooster is with 5 other hens that are 11 weeks old tomorrow so they are eating grower finisher....In a couple weeks when I change them over to the layer mash, what do I feed the rooster??...Will he eat the mash as well or do I need to feed him something different??...Also when I merge these 6 in with my 7 month old hens, does the rooster sleep in the coop with them or will he need different lodgings??
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    He can eat whatever the others eat.
    The only difference is he doesn't NEED the extra calcium in layer pellets
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    X2 regarding the feed. My roosters eat the same layer feed the hens eat. If you are concerned you could also feed everybody an all flock type feed and offer oyster shell on the side. Although if you do this, keep an eye on your hens egg shells. I tried that and had a few who just did not eat enough oyster shell and started getting thin shells. Put them back on layer feed and the problem was solved.

    And no, he does not need a separate place to roost at night, in fact he will be very unhappy if he has to roost alone and away from his hens.

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