feedback - Chanteclers, Buckeye, Mottled Java (From Ideal)


13 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
I'm planning and order with Ideal for next spring. They can get the chicks to my address in most cases in a bit over 24 hours so this is working so far very well for me.

I wanted to try 2 of the less common Heritage breeds, I do not have roosters, I'm not breeding, I'm enjoying them in my ever growing back yard flock.
I order more than I need in case of losses, and then sell the extras on craigs list.

I wanted to narrow down the above 3 breeds to "2"

So am looking for feedback from people that got the above breeds from Ideal.
quality? how close to standard (yes I know they are a hatchery) I only order pullets as they are MUCH easier to rehome than roosters!
egg laying?

for what it is worth, unless people tell me the Java's from Ideal are very poor quality, I plan to get the Java's then the decision would be between the Chanteclers and Buckeye.

anything else?
thanks for feeding my chick-addiction!


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Mar 17, 2008
Cranbrook, BC, Canada
A friend of mine ordered the Buckeyes this spring. Fine looking birds, growing nicely. Haven't compared them to the standard yet but I must say I really like them.

I haven't tried their chanteclers, but someone I know tried chantaclers from all sources in the US and says they are nowhere close to the standard and hardly compare to the original canadian bird.

As for shipping, yup, Ideal is fast, from Texas to Montana/British Columbia border within 24 hrs. I was impressed. Esspecially after hearing from people that ordered from McMurray and it took 3 days to get to the same PO.

Dorking Pullet Princess

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Oct 27, 2008
Western Montana
Hi, I had no success when I ordered my Chanteclers from Ideal. One out of several dozen even hatched and it did not live very long.

I think that I have heard Dorking's from them has not been very good, but I had great sucess with them. Mine were outstanding quality and after 2 years of extreme selective breeding I get as much as $5.00 per egg. I would highly reccommend them (Ideal). See my web site for the pictures IN THE SNOW of my order of starter stock from Ideal Poultry. I am very happy with them.


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Jul 26, 2007
East Texas
I *think* I got my Mottled Javas from Ideal. And they were beautiful girls. But they might have come from Murray McMurray.... I'm not much help am I?

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