Feedback on Design for Treadle Feeder for Kitchen Scraps

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    Jul 5, 2012
    Hi all,

    So we've been having a terrible problem with rodents getting into the kitchen scraps that we feed our chickens each day. The rats have taken to coming out in broad daylight to get at the scraps!!! We feed our pellets in a treadle feeder, so I asked the owner of OKCarpenter shop on Etsy to make me one. What do folks think of the design? And do you think there is a market for a treadle feeder oriented towards kitchen scraps?



    Here is what he wrote about the prototype:

    "I used Rubbermaid take a long disposable containers. You can put two of the square deep containers in side by side but it is a squeeze. or one of the longer shallow dishes. The feeder has a hinged lid so a person could dump alfalfa hay, sprouts, or grass clippings in there. It is the same size as the medium feeder except it is shorter, 16" instead of 21" and weighs about the same.

    Any thoughts from the BYC folks on how it's designed?

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