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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey All,

So, I've been trying to help my grandma with her chickens.

It has come to my attention that she doesn't have a feeder or a waterer. For water she has a small tupperware thing filled up and for the feed she just scatters it like scratch.

Also, she gives a lot of scratch out because she feels sorry for the chickens. I've been trying to discourage her from doing this since it's not all good.

SO.. any ideas on where/what type of feeder/waterer I could get her? Keep in mind, I'm a college student on a really tight budget!

Thanks for all the help.
Helping your Grandparents is very commendable.

Try this site. I made this set with the stuff I already had around the place and they work great.

Feed: Let her know that spreading feed like scratch is VERY expensive. If she can afford to throw feed away, she can afford a proper feeder that will pay for itself quickly. A feeder that prevents billing out saves even more feed.

Scratch: Unless they have good pasture with lots of bugs, any more scratch than 10% of the diet won't be doing the chickens any favors, will slow down egg production, feathering, growth etc.. Also when it's hot the scratch can add body temperature which will make her really feel sorry for them.

I've made lots of feeders like those suggested above but I've not perfected it and still waste feed with them.
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Either way, but if they are outside, they need to be well protected from rain/snow. When I had chickens before I always kept it inside, but my chickens back then were in a huge area of a barn so there was plenty of room. Now we only have chicks so far but I plan to keep the feeder in the coop (but make a smaller one).
Depending on her set up, you can do about anything.

In my trampoline pen I have 2 old cat litter boxes (cleaned well), plastic tubs if you will, that I keep water in for about 12 half grown LF chickens. I feed them in a few dog bowls set in various places around the edge. The water is easy to dump and refill.
However, if it rains it will often mess up the feed in the bowls so I have to dump it out on the compost pile and clean and refill. Keeping food outside is very difficult.

Chickens do not care how you feed them. They eat off the ground all the time but scratch is not healthy enough to give the girls enough nutrition to lay her lots of eggs! Most people feed pellets but I use a mash from a local mill and 5 grain scratch for my 27 tractors and free range birds, too.

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