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8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
This is the first time I will be keeping chickens.
I have 6 in the brooder at the moment and I want to get the coop ready well in advance.
I plan to use an on demand dispenser for food,,,, in that they tap it when they want food and the food falls out.
My plan for water is a small drinker filled from a large bottle reservoir to keep the water clean .
I am just not sure if I will need two of each; one for outside one for inside.
My preference would just to have one of each inside the coop.
They will be free ranging in the garden and shut in at night but I am not sure if they will have the sense to go into the coop to get food and water as required when they are running around loose during the day.



9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
Personal thought is to have one feeder and two waters.Feed is a must but I feel that water is as much if not more important.Having accessibility to the water at anytime and redaly accessible for feeding,heat,etc makes it easier on the chickens.They eat outside in their run and water is needed with the food From what I understand.Not only that but the more you can keep them outside the cleaner you keep the coop.

7L Farm

9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
Here's my set up. This is a three sided coop so the food & water is always available for them. I have two waterers in case one gets knocked over or they run out in one. I provide two feeders in case there's a bully around that won't let the other eat. If your coop is 4 sided I would put the food in the coop to be protected from the weather & provide water inside the coop & in the run as we
ll.Thats how I do it.

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