feeder in or out of coop?


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Jul 30, 2009

Where do you keep your feeder, in or out of the coop or both? Same for water. And, why?

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Because I have a wooden feeder it stays inside protected from the weather. I only put crumbles in that feeder usually about a half of a 50 pound bag at a time. Rain will ruin the feed. When I have a treat for them I put it in a bowl outside or throw it on the ground, depending on what it is. I have water both inside and out. I try to encourage my chickens to be comfortable going in and out of the coop. I don't want them to think the coop is lock down. They do seem to prefer the water outside for some reason.
We keep our feed and water inside the coop.The water stays cooler in the summer along with putting ice in it if it is really hot and I have never had it freeze in the winter.
We keep the feed inside because that way it doesn't get wet and go bad and when we had it outside the little mice would help themselves but they won't go inside the coop for it because there is nowhere for them to run and with 5 hens in there they become a snack very quickly.Not saying it is the right way it has just worked well for us.
Feeder is always in...the sheep and the dogs would lick it clean if it were out. The water is out in the shade in the summer and in the coop in the winter. My birds free range, so the water needs to be out where they are in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter I place it in the coop where its warmer and so they can drink if there are days they can't get outside, as in when the snow is too deep.
My run is covered for the elements.. so I can keep food out there. I want to keep the food inside also because winter is coming.. and I feel it will not freeze indoors. I plan on putting plastic around the run to keep it a bit warmer.. and bales of hay around the base of the coop.. hopefully that will help also.

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