Feeder minnows


Jun 14, 2016
I wanted to construct a in-ground pond, very tiny, for my soon to be pair of muscovys. (I have a duck now) And I wanted to put feeder minnows and feeder goldfish in it, as well as duckweed. But could the feeders have been feed something that might hurt my duck? I could keep them inside for a week or two to force any chemicals out. I raise my ducks organic, so you can see how this concerns me
I would think the whole point of feeder minnows is that they are raised to be fed to other critters, so I would think they'd be alright. I have also seen a couple of ducks gobble up ALL the minnows and gold fish in a pond in a short period of time, so not sure how many you'll want to put in there. Plus if you are going to filter the pond, fish will add to the load of waste in there.
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