Feeder on the maintenance door?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
I'm thinking we'll make one of those snazzy
PVC pipe feeders and mount it on the inside of the maintenance door. This way we'd be making as much space available to the chickens as possible. Plus I think it'll be really easy to fill it. Just swing the door open and there it is! Any thoughts on this? Here are pics of the coop so you can see the door I want to put the feeder on:



I think it will work. Drill your holes just big enough for them to get their beaks and not their feet in. I'd go with 4 in. pipe and work your way down with angles to 2inch finish. That will keep your feed flowing and stop them from knocking it all out.

Ok now a question??!! Where the heck are you and that coop?! Is that dust or moisture floating around in the air? Looks like Orbs! Ghosts! Bunches of them, lol.
Here's an idea... and I wish I had a pic for you but it's too late to go out and take one...

I have a hen that used to constantly sweep out the food so I put blocks in the feeder to stop her from doing so....I will try to show you...

This was my feeder (______________) I put blocks in to keep her from sweeping it out like this... hope this works...

(___/////____/////____) It has worked and so much less food has gone to waste.

My feeder is mounted to the wall and rests on the floor, so this may be an option for you as well. I just used leftover pieces of wood to make the sections.

So basically there are 3 sections at which to eat from. HUGE difference in food waste. Hope this helps
My only concern about putting a feeder on the door would be .... Chicks are generally very glad to see you at feed time... will this lure them out of the coop? I find myself closing the door while I feed if they are trying to escape

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